SASSE (The Student Association at SSE) is a unique organization. SASSE exists thanks to the strong drive and commitment among the SSE students and the wish to have fun and develop as a community. The purpose of SASSE is fun­damentally to care for the joint interests of the students, which roughly can be summarized in educational coverage, extra-curricular activities and career services.

SASSE covers activities like career fairs, case cracking seminars but also fun activities like very Swedish banquets, different sports activities and a huge variety of projects you can get involved with.

5 Reasons for CEMS@SSE

  • You are part of a global network

    Studying abroad is a great experience. But CEMS is more than that – all CEMSies truly share a common mindset, a common identity that is hard to explain. You do not only get in closer contact with all CEMSies at your own schools, but events such as the annual Career Forum in Budapest or the Nordic Forum create a bigger community, and you can be sure to know a CEMSie (or someone who knows a CEMSie) in every major city. And many Alumni associations around the world span this network far beyond student Life!

  • You are part of an intimate family

    Less than 2000 students are enroled in the Bachelor and Master programs at the Stockholm School of Economics. This creates a very distinct atmosphere of familiarity among the students, and the committment towards our school not only becomes evident when the ‘Handelslov’ – the school hymn – is sung at festive banquets in the Grand Hall.
    The small size of Master programs (e.g. the International Business class 2013-2015 with 45 students) enables active class discussions and extraordinary accessibility and communication with teachers and program managers.

  • The IB program enhances the CEMS community

    At many member schools, students get admitted to the CEMS program after they completed the first part of their Master program.
    At the Stockholm School of Economics, two different ways are possible – through a common Master program or the direct way: International Business students are CEMS students right from their first year! That leads to an increased and more active CEMS student crowd compared to schools with only second year CEMS students.

  • Stockholm

    The small big city is a center for hip nightlife, trend setters and a number of worldwide successful businesses, established as well as start-ups. SSE is located in the heart of this nordic beauty and there is few more to say – once you are here you can experience the quality of Life!

  • Your fellow students

    CEMSies are amazing people anywhere, and if you consider to become one it is highly likely that you will agree to that. But here in Sweden, it mixes with the characteristics of a SSE student – motivated and ambitious, but always cooperative and up to a fika or a good night out!