CCS 2020 Fall Newsletter #4

CEMS Club Newsletter

Hey CEMSies,

Winter is approaching, with the first snow last week. Light a candle, grab a hot drink, and feel the quietness in a Swedish way.

Find out what happened in the last two weeks, and what will happen soon!
Last two weeks
1. From CEMS to Consultancy: Challenges and Opportunities
Last Thursday, our CEMS students had the opportunity to participate in an interesting event with 3 former CEMSies now working as consultants in some of the main companies in the industry.It was a truly inspirational discussion about the alumni’s experience, after which our current students had the opportunity to directly ask the consultants questions about their personal and professional experiences before and after graduation.
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Wed. / Journey of Voi
On day 1 of our CEMS in Tech week, two former SSE alumni joined us: Douglas Stark, COO of Voi, and Adam Freudenthal, a former CEMSie now working at Voi, shared some insights on their time at SSE and their journey with Voi.

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Thur. / Klarna
2nd day of CEMS Tech week, another CEMS Alumni Zahra joined us. Currently with Klarna, Zahra shared her career experience after MIB and CEMS focusing on the question “how do I end up in Tech if I am a CEMS student?”.

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Fri. / Alumni Event
Last Fri., 7 alumni who are currently working in Tech industries shared their career stories to current CEMSies. Through panel discussions and break-up room conversations, they provided valuable suggestions regarding job-seeking and work content in Tech.
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3. Exchange student experience: CEMS school SSE vs Boconni
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For the best Semester Book, we need your help! 
We want you to have a nice memory of this semester together by creating a semester book!For CEMS-year students, this will be the (only) wonderful chance to review the beautiful memory we had since last Sep. in SSE, before we go for exchange.

For MIB20, this is an awesome opportunity to see how second-year CEMSies comment on the journey, and you might find connections you need for future exchange, career, etc.

To do that we need YOUR RESPONSE TO THE SURVEY :)

Fill in the survey before Nov 30th, 11:59 am, could we?
This is the end of the CEMS tech week. Thank you all for taking part in the events and giving us positive feedback!Connecting the past and the current, we will see you in the future. Good Luck

All the best,
Your CEMS Club


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