CCS 2020 Fall Newsletter #1


CEMS Club Newsletter

Hey CEMSers,

A big congrats that you all survived your exams and group projects! For the upcoming 2nd period, for sure there are more surprises ahead of you!

Find out what happened last few weeks, and what will happen soon!

/Last few weeks/

1. Kick-off event
With welcome drinks and drinking games, we got to know fellow CEMS students and explore the opportunity in CEMS CLUB Stockholm.
Hope you had fun that night :)Snipaste_2020-11-09_13-54-21
2. Interest survey
Photographed by @Jessica Ollus
Edited by @Jessica Ollus @Garon Yu


The survey is distributed from Sep. 15-18 to know which events we should have this semester. The result now is posted on Instagram (swipe left each committee head’s portrait).
See result
3. Active members recruitment
Thanks to all active members joining CCS! We would not have all those amazing events without them ❤
4. 10 Sustainability Facts
On the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice (Sep. 25), our sustainability team brought a whiteboard to the Atrium with 10 science-based and possibly provocative facts to arouse SSE students’ awareness of the currently happening global crisis.
Photographed&edited by @Weiting Yao
5. Cabin Trip
After the hectic exam, we enjoyed the evening with some activities out at the SASSE Cabin in Saltsjöbaden. You have made the night a blast!
Photographed by @Andrea Amara @Garon Yu
Edited by @Garon Yu
The Alumni and the Tech committee are joining their forces for an incredible week, where we will have the chance to dive in the exciting tech and entrepreneurship world with successful CEMS Alumni. It will be the occasion to gather current and former CEMS students with one objective : push the entrepreneurial mindset a bit further and awake your Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates side in you.
Stay tuned
Let’s looking forward together to the upcoming events. Make the most of this fall semester, with amazing people around you :DAll the best,
Your CEMS Club

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